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In addition to all the scoundrels highlighted in the Notorious section, Mister SF salutes the following rogues and renegades of San Francisco.

Alcatraz Riot of 1946
Baby Face Nelson
Black Bart
Bloody Doyle (Drive)
George W. Bush
Bushman David Johnson

Roger Boas
Jack Bokin
Kevin Patrick Boyle

Bush's Wedding Ban
William Jefferson Clinton
Chinatown Tunnels
Christmas Tree Abuse
Ellis Act Abuse

Feinstein's Blood Lust

Alex Fagan Jr.

Fillmore Slim
Flying Rats

Gerald Ford Assassination Attempt
Graft Trials
Hallidie Plaza Poop Chute
Homeland Insecurity

William Randolph Hearst

IBM Sidewalk Stencils
Japanese American Internment

Jonathan Winters' Balcutha Meltdown
Justin Herman's Fillmore
Austin Peter Keegan
Osama bin Laden

Leather Alley
Kevin Meeny's SFO Gun Grab
Mabuhay Gardens
The Mansions Hotel
Charles Manson
Robert Mapplethorpe
Marina Brown

William O. Monaghan 
Native American Occupation of Alcatraz
Necro Trespasser
Neiman Marcus Cookie Recipe
The Newsoms' Striking Pose

Ninth Ave. Burger King
Pizza Orgasmica

Preparedness Day Bombing
Boss Abe Reuf
Winona Ryder
Shanghai Voyages
Kevin Shelley
Slaying of Masataka Kobayaki
Strand Theatre
Marie Taliaferro
David Terry
Tong Wars
Vigilance Committees
Richard "Coco" Zee

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