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Scott Street at Chestnut: Someone Left the Cake Out in the Rain.

Former Northpoint Theatre, 295 Bay Street.

Mister SF at the Academy of Friends Oscar night gala at Fort Mason, 02/25/07. Pictured with Friends board member Rob Murray (left) and Murray's husband, Bruce Davis. (photo by Joseph Driste.)

39 Chattanooga Street.

03/25/07; 11:59 AM

Barbara asks, What is the depth of the water below Golden Gate Bridge?

400 ft.

Diane asks, Does it make San Francisco happy to say I told you so about George W. Bush?

Not at all! There's no satisfaction while our Democracy remains so mercilessly usurped by the Bush administration.

David asks, Where is/was the Palace Hotel in SF? What hotel is it now?

The Palace Hotel endures at #2 New Montgomery Street. The Garden Court was made SF Landmark #18 in 1969.

Chris asks, I'm a junkie for both militaria and abandoned things, and I want to check out HP Naval Shipyard. But is it safe to go down there and poke around?

Areas that you can visit on an outing to Open Studios (also ArtSpan) have been deemed to be safe by EPA standards. However, I wouldn't recommend poking around, wandering, or tresspassing. Because nuclear materials were handled at the shipyard I recommend a conservative approach to rummaging what is still, on its best day, a military junkyard. A group called San Franciscans for Our City's Health counts city officials including Supervisors Chris Daly and Ross Mirkarimi among its supporters. The group says flatly, "The shipyard remains toxic and dangerous." I've seen as much of the shipyard as the average reporter has access to, but I'm not in a hurry to return. I wouldn't go to Ground Zero or Chernobyl either, but it's a personal decision. I don't want to answer a Q&A ? with a ? Chris, but you have to go with, how safe is safe enough for you?
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Alexis asks, Hello Mister SF! What do you think of the new Zodiac movie?

I loved it! I think it's one of the best police stories in the cinema in many years. Mark Ruffalo's performance as San Francisco's legendary police inspector Dave Toschi more than makes up for his participation in Just Like Heaven.

Jim asks, Could you please stop referring to Zodiac suspect [Arthur Leigh] Allen as a 'school teacher,' which he was for only a few months. His main jobs were as a chemist, auto mechnic, etc. Thanx - retired teacher


Hermann asks, Hola from an ex-SFer in El Paso. The Mister SF Minute is a great addition. Will you be on TV again soon?

Hola. Watch for "What Makes San Francisco Tick" on the Fine Living Network in May (check listings).

Ian asks, Hank, Great website you have. I saw a photo of the Northpoint Theatre on Powell. Does that building still stand today? Is it still vacant? Thank you, Ian.

The Northpoint still stands at 295 Bay Street. It was recently sold to Japanese publisher Shogakukan for $5.1 million. The theatre location appears in the new Zodiac movie as itself, where the Dave Toschi and Robert Graysmith characters see "Dirty Harry."

Mandy asks, Where in San Francisco is the Charmed House?

A frequently asked question! The "Charmed" house is fictional, 1329 Prescott Street, San Francisco, in the 1998-2006 Aaron Spelling TV series about witchcraft and sisterhood. The shooting location is really 1329 Carroll Avenue in L.A.

Steve asks, Is it true that some alleys in San Francisco are named after prostitutes that served the goldminers or shipyard workers?

Yes, by mostly all accounts it is true.

John asks, Are you aware of 39 Chattanooga Street, one of the oldest houses left in San Francisco (1857-ish)?

The house, probably the oldest in Noe Valley, was the subject of a recent preservation tug-of-war. At this writing, a new owner plans to keep the structural integrity of the little gem which was reportedly saved using the landmark fireplug on Church Street at 20th during the 1906 Earthquake and Fire.

Bob asks, Coming to SF in a couple of weeks - any suggestions on what to do and where to visit? Thanks and Good Luck!

Lucky you, Bob! My favorite 10,000 things to do in the City - give or take a few - are right here on this site. When I travel to a new city I usually visit beautiful places and museums first. Depending on your idea of a good time, here are some random faves: Wave Organ, ballgame, Ferry Bldg on Saturday, Lucasville, Castro Theatre, Beach Blanket, North Beach, Clement Street Shopping District (unspoiled neighborhood).
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