San Francisco in Cinema: Just Like Heaven

The 1660 Mason Street location, seen here, was chosen by screenwriter Leslie Dixon, a former resident of the building. Dixon, who also wrote Mrs. Doubtfire, might have been better inspired by 2736 Sutter Street, also a former residence of the writer. The Sutter Street location is just a stone's throw from some of San Francisco's lost cemeteries.
Mortal Mark Ruffalo and ghost Reese Witherspoon share a flat at 1660 Mason Street at Green in director Mark Waters' Just Like Heaven. Though it's not very good, San Franciscans have great affection for the 2005 romantic comedy because it was shot during a period when few films were being made here, and because it features the affable Witherspoon. (If you can get past a scene in which Witherspoon inhabits Ruffalo's body at the Saloon in North Beach - a scene derivative of "All of Me" - you may be able to watch the entire picture.) To their credit, Waters and company sought to create a "San Francisco as a character in the movie" movie. The odd DVD cover art sums up their mixed results. Aside from the Mason Street digs, neighborhood locations include the Abandoned Planet bookstore at 518 Valencia, Moose's, and the house at 3857 20th Street overlooking Dolores Park. Other featured landmarks and locations include usual suspects Bay Bridge, Coit Tower, Caffe Trieste, Washington Square, Sutro Tower, and the Golden Gate Bridge.

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