The San Franciscans: Dave Streich
Dave Streich is the exception that proves the rule. In 1997, when the City was losing artists, musicians, and other creative types to rent spikes related to the dot com influx, Dave moved here from New York to experience his own slice of life in San Francisco. The self-styled artist, photographer, and raconteur makes his home in the inner Sunset, one of the City's most underrated neighborhoods. Dave, seen here near the original Playland carousel at Moscone Center's Zeum, once appeared on MTV's "Remote Control" where he correctly answered the question, "Who appeared on Laugh-In uttering the immortal phrase 'Sock it to me'?" His answer, Richard Nixon, earned him 15 points. Twelve years later the same question was worth $1 million on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire." Is Dave bitter? No. Just don't ask him about auditions for "Weakest Link."

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