The San Franciscans: Bob Pritikin

Bob Pritikin on the saw with Jan and Mickey Rooney.

Adman Bob Pritikin is America's foremost concert saw player and the author of "Christ was an Adman." Pritikin is also a magician and the former proprietor of the haunted Mansions Hotel. Pritikin's annual Labor day bash is always the talk of the town. In 2002, Tammy Faye Bakker Messner performed as members of San Francisco society lunched on black ice cream and KFC at Pritikin's secluded Chenery Street estate.

Detail I: Choose the link for memories of Pritikin's 2003 Labor Day celebration featuring Mickey Rooney!

Detail II: Pritikin acquires notorious royal portrait.

Detail III: San Franciscan Carol Channing sings at Pritikin's 2004 Labor Day bash.

Detail IV: Labor Day is Eddie Fisher Day in '05.


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