The San Franciscans: Halpo
Handsome Jeff Halpern, aka Halpo, moved to San Francisco weeks before the the Loma Prieta Earthquake in 1989. The Stanford grad was shaken but not deterred from life among the fog horns, gourmet delis, French bakeries, world class arts, and breathtaking scenery by the bay. Halpo is seen here in one of his favorite places, his quintessential San Francisco service porch. A terrace, verandah, or deck by any other name is a sacred place to the San Franciscan. Halpo's, overlooking center gardens in a block near the Palace of Fine Arts, is among those intimate places where San Franciscans sneak cigarettes, share secrets, or simply commune with the their own unique and private views. This one looks out over the Presidio and Golden Gate Bridge, though Halpo's deck is only a slip of a thing with enough room for the recycling and a sigh in the golden sunset.

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