The San Franciscans: Derek Yee
Derek Yee is a native San Franciscan and 32-year resident of the Richmond, seen here near the vibrant shopping district at Clement and Fifth. Derek is an actor and voice-over artist who appears as a bad guy in the upcoming karate comedy Kung Phooey! He says he's lost a lot of sleep since the Sept. 11th attacks in New York and Washington. Everyone's a little on edge these days. Derek is fortunate to have such fun work. The film came up on short notice and was shot in San Francisco and Oakland. Nice life... one day at the Lucas ranch for a recording, another spent being pelted with dates in a sight gag for the independent cinema. Stay tuned for word on the local release of Kung Phooey! You can support the arts, help the economy, and cheer up our neighbor in the Richmond all at once. Derek Yee can also be seen in an earlier independent feature, Eddie's Dead, and is now filming the mystery Speaking of Murder.

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