The San Franciscans: AJ Davenport
AJ Davenport is the definition of local color. You may have seen her on more than one occasion as she walks to work near Union Square in her always elegant attire. (Walking to work is a San Francisco tradition.) In addition to working in the City's major industry - hospitality, of course - AJ is also a collage artist, actress, and singer who makes frequent and tuneful appearances at one of our best piano bars, Lefty O'Doul's. In addition, AJ has done volunteer work for the SF Public Library since 1990, first as a tutor for Project Read and later as a docent at the New Main. Something decidedly San Franciscan happened when Mister SF arranged to photograph AJ based on an email tip. When he showed up at the Hotel Bijou, where AJ is pictured in front some fine imitation Lempickas, Mister SF immediately realized they'd already met. It turned out AJ was the very same well-dressed lady he'd chatted with in line at the theatre the night before, not knowing the two had conversed electronically that very afternoon!

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