The San Franciscans: Mark Bittner
Mark Bittner is the defacto caretaker of The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill. With no prior experience or training as an ornithologist, Bittner became an expert on the lively band of Cherry-headed Conures after observing and participating in the culture of the flock continuously for six years. His journals are currently being adapted for a book scheduled for 2003. A documentary film by Judy Irving is also in development. Bittner was once asked by a reporter how he could tell who's who among the flock. The answer: by their faces. The reporter was skeptical, but when Bittner recently returned to Telegraph Hill after an absence of several months, he says he proved his theory, "As soon as I looked at them I knew, 'There's Sophie. That's Griffin...' They were happy to see me." 

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