The San Franciscans: Barnaby Conrad III

Barnaby Conrad III in classic style before a painting by Marco Sassone.
Author and editor Barnaby Conrad III is counted among the elegant gentlemen of Pacific Heights. Conrad is the author of the popular Martini, Cigar and Absinthe books published by Chronicle Books. Conrad is also a former editor of Horizon Magazine and Art World magazine. His articles have appeared in more than 30 publications including Smithsonian, Art in America, Travel & Leisure, and The San Francisco Chronicle. The best-selling Martini book features Conrad's text about America's symbol of adult ease and sophistication with more than 150 color and black-and-white images from movies, cartoons, advertisements, restaurants, and contemporary art. In the line of great San Francisco raconteurs, Conrad is a fitting successor. He recently shared with Mister SF the story of a man whose host told him, "I'd like you to meet Barnaby Conrad." Believing he was shaking the hand of Conrad's famous father, the man was stunned. Conrad appeared not to have aged a day since the man last met the senior Barnaby thirty years earlier. Seems the gent had been in a monastery for many years and thought for a moment that time had stood still. Conrad is seen here at a reception for Florentine artist Marco Sassone, who also lives in San Francisco. Sassone's work is influenced by the art of Vincent Van Gough, a favorite of art lover Conrad.

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