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Like Rome, another famous town built on hills, contemporary San Francisco is built among and around the old city and cities that came before it. Intertwined among modern apartment buildings, condos, offices and shops, is a living museum of the City's glorious and tumultuous past. Reflected in San Francisco's architectural heritage are the boom times, the daring days of the grand and the austere through to the wrecked, the ruined and the rebuilt. Walls talk in the fog city. These great 19th Century and early 20th Century buildings tell secrets of the naughty, the bawdy and the brave in whose footsteps we follow. Some are Historic Landmarks, but many others are not. By appreciating these architectural jewels, the San Francisan can revisit the past and ensure that these great structures continue to share their stories. Additional resources, including Mister SF's Architecture Primer, can be found in Mister SF's City Links.

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Haas-Lilienthal House
First Church of Christ, Scientist
2147 Green Street
4040 17th Street
623, 627 Baker Street
Holy Virgin Cathedral
1701 Franklin Street
Bank of Canton
2382 Union Street
4182-4184 17th Street
Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Bldg.
3100 Clay Street
Vedanta Society
The Burr House
The Flood Building
3020 Washington Street
Temple Sherith Israel
924 Grant Avenue
City Hall
71 Ord Street
James Bong Building
Pacific Hall
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