Notorious SF:  Vice Mayor Alioto's 2003 Mayoral Candidates Series

Vice Mayor Alioto: At a November 24, 2003 press conference, political rivals Gavin Newsom and Angela Alioto announced an unprecedented partnership. It was a scene of classic San Francisco political theatre. Alioto, under pressure from the Democratic Party to endorse her nemesis for mayor, publicly attached the endorsement to a deal she had offered both run-off candidates, Newsom and Matt Gonzalez. The deal would make Alioto "vice mayor" of San Francisco in charge of homelessness, public power, and some city contracts in exchange for her endorsement. Said Alioto, "Your vote for Gavin Newsom is a vote for me to take care of homelessness." At the press conference, Newsom affirmed Alioto's vision of a "meaningful partnership." Almost immediately, Newsom campaign staffers said Newsom had promised Alioto nothing. The following day, in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle's editorial board, Newsom struggled to explain his alliance with Alioto. A former president of the Board of Supervisors, Alioto is famously driven to serve the city from the office once held by her late father, Joseph L. Alioto. Many including former Mayor Art Agnos denounced the partnership as an unethical election season horse trade. The press conference and Chronicle interview (Segments 6 & 7) combine for an historic portrait of San Francisco politics. Newsom was elected by a narrow margin on December 9, 2003.

Heart of the City Extra: 11/24/03 Press Conference
Heart of the City 12/02/03

Chronicle Editorial Board Interview
Segments 6 & 7

Heart of the City 02/10/03: Anyone who doubted that Mayor Gavin Newsom would give political rival-turned-partner Angela Alioto something significant to do in his administration - and this includes me - was wrong. HD

More about Vice Mayor Alioto: On June 30, 2004, the Newsom/Alioto council released its 10-Year Plan to abolish chronic homelessness.

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