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Just because someone's crazy doesn't mean they're stupid. Maybe that explains why San Francisco has, among its reputations, one for bizarre crimes and colorful criminals. Whether an outlaw or just out there, who would ever want to leave San Francisco? Many of the events in this section influenced San Franciscans in ways outmeasured by the sheer numbers of lives that were lost. Some of these events kept citizens of the City by the Bay locked in fascination by unusual circumstances and important political consequences. Still others made for weird gossip. Choose the links from the gallery below to find out for more about the crimes, criminals, and characters that rocked the lives of San Franciscans. Recommend a notorious figure for recognition by MisterSF.com! Additional resources can be found in Mister SF's City Links.

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Architects & Heroes
Hell's Angels
OJ Simpson
Zodiac Killer
Condor Club
Warren G. Harding
Mitchell Brothers
Pink Tarantula
Church of Satan
Patty Hearst
101 California
Bubble Lounge
Cool Dick Hongisto
The People's Temple
Pinecrest Diner
Noel and Knoller
The Gemstone File
International Hotel
Fatty Arbuckle
Deck of Death
Charley Charles
Dan White
Zebra Murders

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