Notorious SF: Vadim Mieseges
In the waning days of April, 2000, Vadim Mieseges hacked his landlady to death at this apartment building, 4302 Fulton Street, across from Golden Gate Park. Mieseges, 27, was a San Francisco State University student who rented a room from Ella Wong, 47. After Wong reportedly nagged Mieseges, the clean cut computer science student killed Wong then skinned her, dismembered the body, and dumped parts of the landlady in the garbage. Mieseges was brought to the attention of police after security personnel at the Stonestown Macy's saw Mieseges take a wooden rod from a mannequin and behave as if it were a sword. During the ensuing confrontation, Mieseges announced he had killed his landlady. Police found a knife, marijuana, and methamphetamines on Mieseges, who was ranting as he was taken out of the mall. The torso of Wong, a Laguna Honda Hospital secretary, was found in a park dumpster later that day, May 3. Mieseges is a Swiss national who was institutionalized in Geneva prior to coming to the U.S. 

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