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"Some thoughts as I head down to observe the George W. Bush presidential inauguration protest at City Hall... Memories of the anti-war demonstrations come to mind; the giant Lion King-like dove puppet, the parents and grandparents marching together, placard after placard, 'No war for oil,' 'War Kills,' 'Drop Trou not Bombs.'

"San Francisco was mocked in some parts of the country for its 'unpatriotic' stance against what we saw as a war of choice and opportunity, not one in defense of the nation, not as a last resort.

"Well, Mr. and Ms. San Francisco, how right you were back then. And how right you are on this day as you denounce a president who pandered to the worst of America with a hateful constitutional amendment and shameless fear mongering. It's no wonder that the parts of the country having the most experience with gays and terrorists voted against him.

"In the words of a New Yorker I know, 'San Francisco is always right, always visionary, always fab. Wear something defiant and show some skin.'" - Heart of the City 01/25/05

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