Notorious San Francisco: The Fontanas

Northwest view from Fontana West, eighth floor.
Southeast view from Fontana West, eighth floor.
The pair of 17 story apartment buildings at 1000 North Point and Van Ness Avenue are built on the site of a former 4 story brick warehouse used by the military until the 1960s. During the Spanish American War, troops were housed in the warehouse known as the Camp Fontana Barracks. The apartments are known as Fontana East and Fontana West. What makes them notorious? If you lived on the north side of Russian Hill when the Fontanas were built you wouldn't wonder. Because of their obstruction of incredible views for the many to create very incredible views for the few, the Fontana's inspired a 40' height limit north of Telegraph Hill to the Embarcadero. Neighbors there wanted to prevent a similar blight.

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