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Inset: Alex Fagan Jr., SFPD.

Alex Fagan Jr. was indicted on February 28, 2003 on felony assault charges for alledgedly beating a citizen in front of the Bus Stop Saloon, 1901 Union Street. Fagan - a rookie cop whose father is Assistant Police Chief Alex Fagan Sr. - was charged along with officers Matthew Tonsing and David Lee. Police Chief Earl Sanders, Fagan Sr., and other top brass were also charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice for alledgedly hampering a probe of the November 20, 2002 melee. Deputy Chief Greg Suhr, Deputy Chief David Robinson, Capt. Greg Corrales, Lt. Ed Cota, and Sgt. John Syme were also indicted in the alleged cover-up. Less than two weeks after the indictments were handed down, District Attorney Terrence Hallinan dismissed the charges against Sanders and Fagan Sr. Hallinan said he couldn't prove the top cops were involved in any cover-up. On April 4, 2003, Judge Kay Tsenin dismissed conspiracy charges against the remaining brass, leaving the three officers involved in the Union Street confrontation to face charges in the incident.

"Best anti-climax: No one takes the rap for Fajitagate as judge and jury clear officers and brass who were implicated in a Union Street brawl over leftover Mexican food and an alleged cover-up in 2002. Former officer Alex Fagan Jr., the only remaining former officer on trial, may still prove the cheese stands alone, or did he take the wrap?" from Heart of the City 12/14/04

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