Notorious SF: Adam Ezerski
When 19 year-old Adam Ezerski allegedly bludgeoned an elderly South Florida man to death on July 25, 2001, and strangled a 39 year-old gay man the next day before hitting the road, authorities and the media thought they had another Andrew Cunanan on their hands. Cunanan murdered renowned fashion designer Gianni Versace and others during a cross-country manhunt that ended with Cunanan's suicide in 1997. There was no Versace in the Ezerski case nor the glamorous trappings of Cunanan's expensive, "A-gay" lifestyle, but the media had high hopes when it was learned that Ezerski was headed for the City by the Bay. San Franciscan Kevin Begoon escaped with his life when Ezerski clobbered Begoon with a 20-lb. plaster figurine at Begoon's 1144 Larkin Street apartment on August 14. Though Ezerski rambled around Polk Gulch undetected for days, police claimed it was improved communication between authorities and members of the gay community - the lack of which helped Cunanan evade police and the FBI for months in the '97 case - that helped them bust Ezerski at a Reno, Nevada casino less than two weeks after the attack on Begoon. Begoon, 43, took the youth in after meeting him in a Polk Street cafe on August 11. Tips generated from a story on Ezerski and the Florida murders during a broadcast of America's Most Wanted are more likely responsible for the tip that lead to Ezerski's arrest than was police/gay community relations.

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