New and Venerable Institutions: Women's Building
The Women's Building (3543 18th Street), with it stunning mural "Maestrapeace," began in 1971 when a cadre of leaders founded the San Francisco Women's Center in a rented space on Brady Street to create a newsletter and hotline for women activists in the Bay Area. In 1979, the group relocated to the 18th Street property, Dovre Hall, and opened the first woman owned and operated community center in the U.S. Since then, The Women's Building has become synonymous with projects that support women's and girls' projects in San Francisco. The stated vision of The Women's Building organization is, "to create access and advancement for women and girls. We seek to equip and encourage them to be equal participants in society through collaboration and empowerment. We do this in a setting where diversity is cultivated and celebrated." The multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-service center houses Bay Area Teen Voices, the Cooperative Restraining Order Clinic, Children of Gays and Lesbians Everywhere, GirlSource, Mission Neighborhood Centers Inc., Neighbor to Neighbor, Purple Moon Dance Project, San Francisco Women Against Rape, and many other incredibly worthwhile nonprofits.

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