New and Venerable Institutions: Wedstock
Wedstock goes to the CA Supreme Court.
Mister SF salutes each of the more than 4,000 Wedstock couples.
Be there from Day One.
Browse Hank Donat's Wedstock wedding album!
Visit the BACW reception!
Meet Mrs. Rosie O'Donnell and Mrs. Kelli Carpenter!
Read Heart of the City, "Wedstock: The shot heard 'round the world."
See Mister SF's dramatic coverage of out-of-town anti-gay demonstrators at SF City Hall.
Watch what happened the day the weddings stopped.
Meet the attorneys as Wedstock goes Supreme.
California Supremes call the whole thing off. Newsom: "We will continue to fight for what's right."

Supporters rally and march to City Hall after CA Supreme Court invalidates Wedstock unions.

: Hank Donat appeared on the ABC-7 evening news on February 18, 2004 to discuss the gay marriage phenomenon and his own Valentine's Day wedding to his partner of four years. Said Hank, "Civil disobedience is so often driven by rage and anger. With this event you have something that's an act of love."

New Paltz, NY Mayor Jason West visits San Francisco

Margaret Cho rallies SF as Mass. starts gay weddings
Mister SF plays hardball with Bill Lockyer
Mister SF interviews anti-gay source at center of Pulitzer-winner Breslin flap
SF Chronicle markets "remarkable" Celebrations to gay couples. So why were newlywed lesbians taken off the story?
Leno seeks to make it legal
Newsom denounces Bush in Wedstock anniversary address
Get the latest on the gay marriage civil rights battle from Google News.

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