In with the New!: Washington Square Bar & Grill

Washington Square Bar & Grill, 1707 Powell Street
When Ed Moose opened the Washington Square Bar & Grill it quickly became known as The Square by regulars until Herb Caen called it the "Washbag." Caen's name stuck. In its heyday in the 1970s and '80s the Washbag was a favorite for attorneys, advertising executives, publishing professionals, and celebrity visitors attracted to its North Beach location. So pegged as the epicenter of San Francisco's bourgeoisie that Art Agnos spoke against the place to prove his working class status during his 1987 campaign for mayor, even though his top advisors regularly lunched among the Washbag's so-called pretentious rabble! The Washbag was a center for afternoon activities - not limited to seeing and being seen - for 27 years before serving its last lunch in March of 2000. In August of 2002, after a run as the Cobalt Tavern, a redux Washington Square Bar & Grill opened at the location, complete with veteran bartender Mike McCourt. For many though, the new Washbag is really across the square, on Stockton Street, at Ed Moose's Moose's.

The Washbag Picon Punch
6 oz. Chilled champagne
2 oz. Amer Picon
1 oz. Brandy
2 Lemon peel strips

Pour champagne and Amer Picon over ice in 6-oz. wine glasses. Stir slowly. Float brandy on drink. Twist lemon peel above drink and drop into glass.

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