New and Venerable Institutions: Dolphins & Rowers
Members of the Dolphin Club have been swimming in San Francisco Bay since 1877. The South End Rowing Club has been at it since 1873. Dedicated swimmers are seen here at the outset of a bay swim at Fort Point. Some of the other programs sponsored by the clubs are Golden Gate and Alcatraz swims, Pier 39 East "big jump," twilight swims, Rowing Club vs. Dolphins Bay Bridge to clubhouse competition, and potluck barbecues. A Dolphins annual crab dinner honors venerable members of more than 25 years. Some have been swimming with the group for more than 60 years! The clubs swim all year in temperatures as low as 50 F. The non-profit Dolphins organization and the South End Rowing Club are among the last vestiges of San Francisco's rich history as a swimmer's haven. Founded by a handful of German immigrants, today the Dolphins are 900 members strong. 

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