New and Venerable Institutions: Above San Francisco
Renowned aerial photographer Robert Cameron created an unmatched record of San Francisco with his books Above San Francisco. Because updated editions of Cameron's collection were created every several years with new photography, and because Above San Francisco includes vintage photographs of the City, it is possible for an enthusiast to observe San Francisco's evolution from port community to a Metropolis bursting at the seams. Cameron's own long and distinguished career includes a stint as a news photographer and another for the War Department during World War II. Above San Francisco has given the City its perspective in its larger environment. Comparing photos in earlier editions - which are available at all the best used bookstores - to the current City is a sentimental sport that underscores the inevitability of change and the toll of progress on green space and elbow room - not to mention parking!

The series of details demonstrates the evolution of the downtown area as documented by Above San Francisco.

Detail: Above the City in 2004. 

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