High on a Hill: Wave Organ
The Wave Organ is a wonderful and free attraction frequently cited as an example of small things that make San Francisco unique among cities. The environmental sculpture was crafted in 1986 by master stone mason George Gonzales from a concept by Peter Richards of the Exploratorium. The installation - which is made of stones from a demolished cemetery with concrete and 25 PVC pipes submerged beneath the jetty - delivers ethereal music from the movement and tides of the bay. Don't be a rube and show up expecting to hear "Major Tom" coming from the water. However, if you sit quietly at any of the beautiful spots carved out for visitors here you'll hear the subtle and beautiful sounds of our extraordinary natural environment. Listen closely and you may just hear the answers you've been seeking. Located out at the very end of the jetty at the St. Francis and Golden Gate yacht clubs in the Marina.

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