High on a Hill: Sydney G. Walton Square

San Francisco native Sydney Grant Walton (02/12/01-12/04/60) was a banker and businessman who graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1923. Walton held various positions including vice president and director for Matson companies (Matson Navigation Co, Matson Aviation Maintenance Co., Matson Securities Co.) In his professional career, Walton also held leadership positions with Kenyon & Eckhardt Inc., Bay Hill Realty Co., Venice Farms, Crocker Anglo National Bank, and other companies. He was active in the Red Cross, San Francisco Civic Light Opera, and the SF Maritime Museum, and was vice chairman of the SF Redevelopment Agency. Walton, a member of the Bohemian and Pacific Union clubs, lived at 1725 Kearny Street and had an office at 620 Market.

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