High on a Hill: Buena Vista Park

Buena Vista Heights
Mountainous Buena Vista Park is accessible from all sides, near Upper Terrace or by a steep climb from Haight and Baker Streets. The forested park is a favorite for dog owners and admirers of the stunning views and sunsets here. Branches from the many cypress and oak trees frame portraits of the City from Corona Heights and the Mission District to the south, downtown to the east, Sunset District to the west, and Marin County across the bay to the north. Even the most ardent nature lovers will be unaware that the Sunset Tunnel runs under the hill, far below the serene beauty of Buena Vista Park. Look for various numbered stones that form short walls along some of the paved areas and paths. These are recycled headstones from San francisco's long gone graveyards.

Be warned: split before dark unless you're looking for a date as this area is a popular spot for sex cruising.

Copyright 2001 Hank Donat
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