High on a Hill: Vermont Street
While tourists and postcard photographers prefer the centrally located Lombard Street, there's another crooked road in the City that's actually crookeder, if you want to get into an argument about bends per yard divided by percentage of grade times angle. Mister SF prefers to avoid arguments altogether and calls both Lombard Street and Vermont Street (between 20th and 22nd in Potrero Hill) San Francisco's crookedest streets. Vermont Street and adjacent McKinley Park have even better views than Lombard, if you can believe it. Though Vermont is without the formal gardens of Lombard, it boasts amazing crooked trees! To find the so-called real crookedest street by car, drive south on Van Ness Avenue, which becomes South Van Ness. Turn left on 16th Street, right on Rhode Island and climb the hill. Turn right on 20th Street, then left on Vermont. Enjoy!

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