High on a Hill: Tree City

Woodland Avenue is an extraordinary tree-lined street in Parnassus Heights.

Tree City: The streets of San Francisco are lined not only with colorful characters and rich cultural history, but also with hundred of species of beautiful trees. In 2004, local attorney and author Mike Sullivan published the latest book on the city's trees, titled appropriately, "The Trees of San Francisco." Mike's book celebrates more than 200 landmark trees in the city and provides sidebars on San Francisco lore and tree-themed walking tours through seven neighborhoods. His Cole Valley tour includes highlights such as the former St. Aidan's Episcopal Church on Belvedere Street, where the Grateful Dead jammed in the 1960s before the church became a private residence. Around the corner on Carmel Street, a pair of condos is revealed as a former City firehouse.

Atlas cedar (Cedrus atlantica)
Bronze loquat
(Eriobotrya deflexa)
Callery pear
(Pyrus calleryana)
Carob tree
(Ceratonia siliqua)
Catalina ironwood
(Lyonothamnus floribundus)
Chinese elm
(Ulmus parvifolia)
Cork oak
(Quercus suber)
Lemon bottlebrush
(Callistemon citrinus)
(Pittosporum eugenioides)
London plane tree
(Platanus x acerifolia)
New Zealand Christmas tree I
(Metrosideros excelsus)
New Zealand Christmas tree II
(Metrosideros excelsus)
Northern rata
(Metrosideros robusta)
Sweet bay
(Laurus nobilis)
Victorian box
(Pittosporum undulatum)

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