High on a Hill: Stern Grove

South Africa's Mahotella Queens open the final concert of the 2002 Stern Grove Festival.
Stern Grove will make you forget for an entire afternoon that being in a crowd can be an unpleasant experience. The music lovers who flock to the annual Stern Grove Festival free concerts make for mellow throngs of locals and visitors. Hours before the 2:00 performances, picnickers settle in along the natural amphitheater surrounded by magnificent eucalyptus trees. Secluded from the bustle of nearby Sloat Boulevard and 19th Avenue in the Sunset, Stern Grove was given to the City by longtime Recreation Commissioner Rosalie Meyer Stern in 1931 in memory of her husband Sigmund Stern. The philanthropic traditions of the Stern-Haas-Goldman in San Francisco continues to the present day. Since 1938, the Festival has attracted great music artists, bands, symphonies, and orchestras from all over the world, who perform here free on Sundays from mid June to mid August.

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