High on a Hill: Russian Hill

Mister SF on Russian Hill
With tree-lined paths that disappear into the hill, Russian Hill is simply magical. In the springtime, the scent of jasmine fills the air. Wild rosemary, thistle, and lavendar also dot the landscape. In spite of its great views and natural beauty, there's plenty of elbow room here due to some steep climbs from surrounding neighborhoods. The San Franciscan has great calf muscles! On Russian Hill, nothing compares with cappuccino in the garden of a friend at sunset. The back stairways of neighboring buildings surround these inner gardens in Escher-like fashion, criss crossing every which way. While any one of Russian Hill's lush parks and lovely stairway walks would charm an entire neighborhood, Ina Coolbrith Park is the jewel of Russian Hill's crown.

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George Sterling Glade
The Summit
1101 Green Street

But wait! The northern and western parts of Russian Hill are also quite cool.

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