High on a Hill: Marina Green
Kite flyers know that if it's too windy at Ocean Beach it will be just fine here at the Marina Green. Part of a landfill created for the Panama-Pacific International Exposition in 1915, today this is the perfect place for a snow globe moment. The Golden Gate Bridge presides over a ballet of land, ocean, and sky that invigorates the senses. Sailboat masts jut vertically from the marina like a bed of nails. Blimps hover high above the skyline to the east and the bay to the north. Sailboats glide gracefully past. Alcatraz looms heavily. Fetching ladies from the neighborhood play fetch with their companions, some of them dogs. Kids on tricycles have helmets on their heads - we never had those - and futures ahead of them. Those we did have, way back in Boston or St. Louis or Manila, or wherever else we came from. Standing here it looks like things turned out splendidly.

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Copyright 2001 Hank Donat
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