High on a Hill: Lands End
Lands End is the most treacherous part of of San Francisco, and one of the most beautiful. The trails that wind through the grasses and cypress trees here reveal everything from landslides to shipwrecks along expansive views of the California coast. Visitors today can use their imaginations when they remember that once upon a time you could ride in an open rail car for a cliff top voyage around Lands End to the Cliff House and Ocean Beach. Mr. Toad had nothing over the San Franciscan when came to wild rides. Whether hiking along the headlands, taking in the scene at one of the beaches, or simply enjoying the view, a trip to Lands End is always invigorating. Watch out for the rocks below. A confluence of currents here has been known to cause sudden and dangerous waves that rise up along the cliffs.

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Copyright 2001 Hank Donat
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