High on a Hill: Hills of the City
Unfurling like ribbons from the ocean to the bay, they destroy our knees and wear out our break pads. By auto you can almost hear the familiar click-clack of a roller coaster car creeping to a crest before the big dive down the other side. By foot, they keep every promise of a beautiful vista. They are the Hills of the City. While Rome is famous for its seven, there are 43 named hills in San Francisco. A complete list follows. 
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1. Alamo Heights
2. Anza Hill
3. Bernal Heights
4. Buena Vista Heights
5. Candlestick Point
6. Castro Hill
7. City College Hill
8. College Hill
9. Corona Heights
10. Dolores Heights
11. Edgehill Heights
12. Excelsior Heights
13. Forest Hill
14. Gold Mine Hill
15. Holly Hill
16. Hunter's Point Ridge
17. Irish Hill
18. Lafayette Heights
19. Larsen Peak
20. Laurel Hill
21. Lincoln Heights
22. Lone Mountain
23. McLaren Ridge
24. Merced Heights
25. Mt. Davidson
26. Mt. Olympus
27. Mt. St. Joseph
28. Mt. Sutro
29. Nob Hill
30. Pacific Heights
31. Parnassus Heights
32. Potrero Hill
33. Presidio Heights
34. Red Rock Hill
35. Rincon Hill
36. Russian Hill
37. Strawberry Hill
38. Sutro Heights
39. Tank Hill
40. Telegraph Hill
41. Twin Peaks
42. University Mound
43. Washington Heights

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