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California Street between Powell and Stockton

The Resting Hermes sculpture, removed by the University Club for construction of a new athletic facility, will be returned to its location just off the California Street sidewalk between Powell and Stockton later this year when work there is completed there. J. Chivarri & Co. of Napoli sent Hermes to the Italian Exhibit at the 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition, when San Francisco officially rose from the ashes of 1906 by hosting the world in the Marina. When the Italian government wanted to destroy the sculpture rather than pay for shipping or storage, the University Club acquired the graceful god for the enjoyment of all. General Manager Deke Kastner doesn't want me to say how much the club paid for the artwork, but I can tell you it got the exquisite piece for about the cost of a Sony PlayStation 2. Kastner says Hermes, whose unrest includes a 1970s theft by college students, will return in an even lovelier and more secure setting than before. "Hermes will rest once more," Kastner says.

Update 08/23/04: Hermes is stolen once again!

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From Heart of the City 02/26/02

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