High on a Hill: Fort Mason Center

Herbst Pavilion

In 1977, a collection of former military warehouses and piers in the Marina were reborn as Fort Mason Center. In the quarter century since that time, Fort Mason has become one of the City's most vital cultural centers and home to more than 40 resident organizations serving more than 1.6 million visitors each year. Once a point of embarkation for soldiers during World War II and the Korean War, Fort Mason Center is internationally renowned as an example of historic preservation and successful reuse of a former military installation. The center includes the Herbst Pavilion, Festival Pavilion, Cowell Theatre, Pier One, meeting and activity rooms such as a renovated firehouse, and Green's restaurant. The Oceanic Society, Magic Theatre, Museo ItaloAmericano, Fund for Animals, California Lawyers for the Arts, and the Museum of Craft & Folk Art are just a handful of the great organizations based at here. If these details haven't convinced that this place rocks, the great views and free parking will.

Go from Lower Fort Mason to Upper Fort Mason in a San Francisco way!

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