High on a Hill: Crissy Field
More than 75,000 people attended the May 2001 opening day party celebrating Crissy Field. The former Crissy Army Airfield has been transformed into a beautiful public park and wildlife area. More than 125 migrating and local bird species have been documented by park staff and volunteers in the months leading up to the completion of the restored tidal marsh here. Visitors can also enjoy splendid views, jogging areas, and visitor facilities. The new park is a complete transformation from the uninviting hodgepodge of debris, sheds, and fences that cluttered this area in the northern part of the Presidio just two years earlier. The historic site was home to the U.S. Army Air Corps Coast Defense Air Station from 1921 to 1936. An old sea plane ramp is visible at low tide across the promenade at the east end of the picnic area.

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