Farewell Favorites: Tassajara Bakery

In 2004, a boulangerie thrived in the old Tassajara space, 1000 Cole.

In 1976, the Tassajara Zen Center Resort in Carmel spun off the delicious breads it served by opening the Tassajara Bakery at 1000 Cole Street in Cole Valley. In doing so they popularized specialty breads, practically reinventing the bread business by marketing fine loaves such as dill, potato, and pumpernickel to the general public. By the late '80s, the breads were available in supermarkets and were used exclusively by some of San Francisco's favorite sandwich shops and restaurants. The bakery business was sold to Just Desserts in 1992. After years of mounting losses from the bread operation, Just Desserts closed the Tassajara business and the Cole Street institution on April 9, 1999. As a result of the Tassajara phenomenon, specialty breads are now widely available in supermarkets and grocery stores.


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