Farewell Favorites: McAteer High School

555 Portola Drive
Nearly every San Franciscan lost a favorite hang out, restaurant, or club in late the 1990s and early 2000s, but it's hard to imagine losing your high school. That's just what happened when the San Francisco Unified School District closed J Eugene McAteer High School on Portola Avenue following the graduation of the class of 2002. The McAteer location is the new home of the School of the Arts High School. Students from McAteer, one of the city's lowest performing schools, will be moved to better schools as part of a plan approved by the Board of Education. Native San Franciscan J Eugene McAteer (1916-1967) was a lawyer, businessman, and decorated naval officer. As a State Senator, McAteer was a progressive legislator who authored bills on education, conservation, and social reform. He is also remembered as a friend of the labor movement.

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