Farewell Favorites: Uncle Mame
Holy downturn, Batman! In the wake of the recession, accelerated by the Sept. 11 attacks, Uncle Mame at 2241 Market Street ran out of business late in 2001. It's hard to believe at a time when the country could use a little fun that such an entertaining shop as Uncle Mame's, a pop culture memorabilia store, would close. Why all the fuss? A person couldn't leave Uncle Mame's without smiling, for owner David Sinkler kept the place stocked to the rafters with kitsch like Pez dispensers, super hero figures, sock monkeys, TV lunch boxes, coloring books, and more. Star Wars, the Bionic Woman, Brady Bunch, Lucy, the Wizard of Oz, Wonder Woman, Bette Boop, and Pee Wee Herman were all represented either in the merchandise or in a line of custom greeting cards. Also available were candies such as Pop Rock, Razzles, and Sugar Daddies. Browsing and lingering were always encouraged at this fixture in the upper market shopping district between Church and Castro. How does the neighborhood feel about Uncle Mame's demise? One passerby appropriately put it in the words of Bart Simpson, "That sucks, man."

Copyright 2001 Hank Donat
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