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With San Francisco in a constant state of regenerating its culture, Mister SF is a sentimental creature left to wander the halls of memory from bay to bridges. The great places and people in this section are gone in some way but not forgotten. Choose the links from the gallery below to find out how they contributed to the character of San Francisco. Additional resources can be found in Mister SF's City Links. (Recommend a departed institution for recognition by MisterSF.com!)

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Streets of Old
Flying Saucer
17 Reasons
The Emporium
J. Goldsmith
Crown Room
711 Club
One-Eyed Jacks
The FUNHouse
Planet Hollywood 
GGP Stables
Central Freeway
Discovery Channel Store
McAteer High
hungry i
Gillon Lumber
Philosophers Club
Sidney Amber
Cypress Club
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