Farewell Favorites: Linda Colotti: Downtown Sidewalk Flower Stands

865 Market Street

Among the merchants displaced by the latest phase of renovation at Ferry Plaza was Linda Colotti. For 22 years until 2001, Linda operated a flower stand in front of the Ferry Building where she brought fresh bouquets to the beginnings, middles and ends of the countless daily stories of ferry commuters and visitors. It's the customers Linda says she misses the most, from the bosses lining up on Secretaries Day to all the sweethearts late for dates and packing roses to soften the blow. But don't cry for Linda. "A life should have chapters," she says, "Would you want to read a book if the first chapter began with 'She got up and went to work,' and so did the next chapter and the next? Cities change and sure, change is good." That Linda occupied the historic location for so long and that she did so for most of those years in the shadow of a freeway earns her a unique place in the hearts of San Franciscans who love San Franciscans.

San Francisco's Downtown Sidewalk Flower Stands

865 Market Street
Powell Street Cable Car Turnaround, Powell and Market Streets
100 Stockton Street
SW corner, Geary Street at Stockton Street
SE corner, Greary Street at Stockton Street
250 Post Street
Transbay Terminal, 425 Mission Street
SW corner, Market Street at Spear Street
In addition to these downtown locations, visit the SE corner, 16th Street at Market Street; and the NW corner, Union Street at Fillmore Street

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