Farewell Favorites: Golden Gate Ferry
The beloved rust bucket Golden Gate Ferry was retired on Friday, March 26, 2004 after nearly 34 years of service between San Francisco and Sausalito. Ferry service was once the dominant method of transportation around the bay area. The Golden Gate was replaced by a newer, faster, vessel in an age when ferry travel is almost entirely of the past. A cadre of dedicated commuters and some tourist traffic are all that remain of the throngs that once packed ferries on the bay. For a San Franciscan looking to recharge the spirit, a trip to Sausalito and back - 30 minutes each way - on the Golden Gate Ferry on the beautiful San Francisco Bay was better than a treatment program. The new ferries may be faster, but they'll never match the charm of the Golden Gate. Cheers to 34 years!

On the ferry's last day, the Golden Gate Bridge district hosted a party on the 4:05 and 5:30 runs. Mister SF's photo series (below) is a record of the final regular daytime run on the Golden Gate Ferry.

Take the final afternoon run of the Golden Gate Ferry >>

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