Farewell Favorites: TheFUNHouse

1663 Turk Street

The FUNHouse, 1663 Turk Street, has been described as magic by the young people who were part of the scene here from 1995-2001. In every way a creative salon, the house was a venue for art, entertainment, parties, fund raisers, and much, much more. For the self-described artists and computer geeks that were based here it is the epicenter of many memories: art exhibits, an AIDS benefit, an underwater DJ party, a concert, a casino, a mock funeral, and poetry readings. Some vets of this collective have created web pages, linked below, that celebrate the FUNHouse. After reading these pages, what Mister SF finds most compelling about the FUNHouse experience is that it is such a good example of the combination of free-spiritedness and esprit de corp that thrives in San Francisco. The FUNHouse mojo is, miraculously, not uncommon behind the City's Victorian walls - and in its gardens, front rooms, kitchens, studios and flats. To discover personal liberation in a like-minded, creative, and nurturing community of friends - sometimes managing to find love and pay the rent along the way - is to taste the sweetness of life. What makes the FUNHouse more than just a former bacchanalia pad? The 'House was a home.

FUNHouse Memories I
FUNHouse Memories II


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