Farewell Favorites: Fell Street Off-Ramp

Off-ramp between Fell and Oak, Octavia and Laguna
Nearly 13 and a half years after the Loma Prieta earthquake damaged the Central Freeway's Fell Street off-ramp, demolition starts on March 29, 2003. Until the new ramp opens in 2006, 40,000 drivers per day will be added to the mire of existing exits and surface streets crossing Market Street. The demolition is part of a $74 million project that includes a new boulevard along Octavia Street. More: San Francisco celebrates the passing of an overpass!

Detail I
Detail II
Detail III
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Detail V
Detail VI
Detail VII
Detail VIII: Going, Going, Gone!
Detail IX: Gough Street on-ramp
Detail X: Freeway Revolt

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