Farewell Favorites: Ecco

101 South Park
Sometimes the San Franciscan is happy to say so long to local places with ghosts. Not the chain rattling kind, just the nerve rattling ones that appear in office buildings where you got fired once or at an uptight art gallery that 86ed you for indiscreetly mocking the Miro. And so Mister SF says "Ciao Bella!" to Ecco on behalf of a San Franciscan in Cow Hollow who got dumped at the chic Italian restaurant - twice. The romantic, candlelit eatery was located in South Park, the epicenter of San Francisco's dot com business community. When the dot coms dried up, so did Ecco's business. Will its ghosts of broken hearts disappear into Ecco's fog? A phone call to Cow Hollow confirms the curse is broken. Our pal has found true love.

Copyright 2001 Hank Donat
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