Farewell Favorites: Dan Cantrell
Dan Cantrell always had something going on - some show, some performance, some production, something. For nearly two decades you never knew whether you'd recognize him the next time you saw Dan. What was he rehearsing? What color would he dye his hair? What kind of costume would he wear? When he announced plans to quit his day job at Stacey's Bookstore and move to Hawaii, Dan personified for many what they had read about: an exodus of artists, actors, and musicians from the City. It has been well publicized that, faced with steep overnight rent increases, non-profit and arts groups are struggling to continue. The City created a multi-million dollar fund to help these organizations make the rent, but for many individual artists it was already curtains. And so we say aloha to Dan Cantrell (seen here with a mystery woman) and to all the grass roots artists who have moved on to other stages.

During the influx of dot com companies in the mid- to late-90s, the City lost dozens of arts organizations and non profit groups to rental rates too high for these low flying tenants.

Copyright 2001 Hank Donat
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