Farewell Favorites: Hello Gorgeous

Mister SF visits the Barbra Streisand museum, Hello Georgeous, at 549 Castro Street.
Someone should write a movie about Ken Joachim and his Barbra Streisand museum, Hello Gorgeous. Joachim opened the Castro Street joint in the mid-'90s as a shrine to the singer-actress-director. An earnestly tacky collection of mannequins, artwork, and other assorted memorabilia, the museum never rose above silly. Joachim closed the enterprise in 1998, trumpeting his outrage and bitterness toward his now former idol who sent a seven-word note of encouragement but never appeared in person to lend support. Joachim, who said Streisand didn't deserve a museum because she doesn't care about her fans, auctioned the junk off and is no longer "Waiting for Barbra."

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