Farewell Favorites: Bahia Cabana

1 Page Street in October, 2004. More >>

It's hard to believe that this vacant hovel at Market Street and Franklin was once the City's hottest Brazilian night spot. Highlights from the Bahia Cabana experience were flamenco guitar performances, salsa, samba, and lambada dancing, imported Brazilian beers, and tapas. The restaurant was extremely popular among Brazilians here, as well as other locals and tourists since it opened in 1988. More than 2,500 soccer fans packed Bahia and the surrounding streets and sidewalks to watch Brazil defend its World Cup title on television in the summer of 1998 when the Brazilian team lost to France. Bahia Cabana closed after a fire gutted the place on New Year's morning in 2000. The club was closed at the time of the fire and no one was injured. The fire was investigated as a case of arson, but no one was charged.

Detail: Former Bahia space reopens as Sushi/BBQ buffet.

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