Farewell Favorites: 711 Club

711 Market Street

No one might have noticed when the cruddy Market Street bar 711 Club closed in June, 2002. Afterall, who would miss a bar described by locals as having no frills whatsoever? Its Dutch doors were indeed the last charming thing you'd ever see here, not excluding the clientele. But the San Franciscan, being a sentimental beast, is quick to honor the glory days of a lost speakeasy. The 711 Club had its roots in an era when Market Street was brimming with gin joints and nightclubs. This one continued for several decades, making its mark as the hole in the wall with the glittery ceiling, peeling red-and-gold wallpaper, formica tables, and bizarre golden relief depicting huntresses. Truly this closing represents the passing of one of the all time dives.

Incredibly, the once-beloved venue became a 7-11 convenience store late in 2003.

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