San Francisco in Cinema: What's Up Doc

Bush and Jones
Barbra Streisand causes a collision simply by crossing Bush Street at Jones at the outset of the screwball comedy, What's Up Doc. This is one of those films in which the City is more than just a location, it's a living, breathing character. Starring Streisand, Ryan O'Neil, and San Francisco, this 1972 Peter Bagdonovich film is wacky and fun. See locations including Nob Hill, North Beach, Chinatown and more as Barbra and Ryan match wits against spies, jewel thieves and other denizens, all in possession of identical plaid bags. This was Madelyn Kahn's debut feature. Among What's Up Doc locations are the concrete stairs at Alta Plaza, which remain scarred from its use in the famous car chase involving a VW bug, a Chinese dragon, a taxicab, a limousine, a convertible, and an ice cream cart. A partial list of locations would include:

Dashiell Hammett Street
Chelsea Place "Shangra La Costume Rentals"
2018 California Street "888 Russian Hill"
2150 California Street firehouse
Hilton Hotel lobby "Hotel Bristol"
Hilton Hotel pharmacy
Taylor Street Steps
Van Ness Avenue at Sacramento Street
Filbert Street
Lombard Street
Waterfront skyline
Pier 70 "459 Dirella Street"
Balboa Street & 23rd Avenue
San Francisco International Airport

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